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PvIB Bestuurssamenstelling

Het bestuur van het PvIB kent de volgende samenstelling:





  1. @okoeroo "I need to push dudes in $other_department to publish an article, blog or paper." > let the @pvib magazine be your platform!

    3 dagen 8 uur geleden
  2. RT @LEO_Robotics: Second speaker starts with drone with live feed camera. @pvib Argus Vision talks about communication risks drones http://…

    16-06-2015 21:09
  3. RT @LEO_Robotics: LEOs @Alex_Jeffrey, just gave a presentation on #robotics at platform information security @pvib #crossover http://t.co/s

    16-06-2015 20:30
  4. RT @ppwm56: @pvib and now for something completely different. . Of toch niet? Drones, robots en informatie beveiliging. .. http://t.co/BBHk

    16-06-2015 20:30

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