English summary of PvIB

1. What is the PvIB?

The Platform for Information Security (PvIB) is the Association for information security in the Netherlands. The PvIB is the Dutch centre of expertise where information, knowledge and experience about information security are collated, improved, enriched and redistributed. The PvIB brings together all stakeholders and interested parties in the field of information security. The PvIB delivers a contribution to issues with a clear social relevance.

Organised by and for volunteers, the PvIB is the meeting point for professionals, who wish to support one another through their expertise by exchanging knowledge and experience, on a voluntary basis. The platform promotes the expertise in information security and increases the security awareness.

2. Who are the members?

The PvIB members , from both public and private organisations, represent a broad cross-section from the various areas of expertise and specialisation and from the wide range of target groups and sectors of industry.

3. What are our target groups?

The PvIB platform is for anyone who is interested in the field of information security. These are primarily Information Security professionals and IT auditors.

In addition, there are professionals who include information security as part of their day-to-day work, and professionals employed in related fields such as:

  • CxOs
  • (line)managers
  • Risk & Compliancy managers
  • ICT administrators
  • Information architects
  • Management and ICT consultants
  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Data protection officers
  • Privacy officers
  • Forensic IT investigators

4. What are we doing for Young Professionals?

Students and young professionals are an essential component of our target group. PvIB has entered into agreements with educational institutes to ensure a low threshold for membership for students. Students are given the opportunity to come into contact with experienced professionals from the private sector and government, during PvIB meetings. This is clearly a win-win situation: encouraging interest in a dynamic professional field amongst young people with considerable up-to-date knowledge and with the best education, in consultation with experienced professionals, who thoroughly know the ropes in professional practice.

5. What do we do?

The PvIB focuses on three core products:

  • Activities that emphasizes professional networks and exchanging professional experience, including theme-based meetings, the Information Security Consultation body for management, Young Professionals, conferences and trade fairs. The annual Security Conference and the Joop Bautz Information Security Award (JBISA) strengthen the ties with related disciplines from associations in the field of information security. Members are able to maintain and expand their network of professional relations;
  • Publications that support and promote further professionalisation, including the magazine ”Informatiebeveiliging” (Information Security), the Newsletter with news and information for members and media publications. We also have our own website www.pvib.nl;
  • Professionalisation focused on knowledge development, best practices and experience. We strive for the development of a national qualification scheme based on international standards and frameworks, like the European e-Competence Framework. We emphasize recognition at European level.

Secretariat Platform for Information Security
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Telephone: +31(0)33-2473492
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email: secretariaat@pvib.nl
website: www.pvib.nl