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Expertbrief Online Identity

Door Hong Gie Ong e.a. 18 dec 2007

Our identity, our sense of self, shapes the world we live in and the world we create. As society becomes increasingly connected in this digital era in which we live, we more regularly overlap our offline identities with our online identities. This online identity is often difficult to precisely define as it is often defined by someone else's perception of the information available online about an individual. Understanding how identity's fluidity is increased online, and how to manage and shape it ourselves, creates an interesting topic worth of exploration. We find ourselves in a ubiquitous digital playground where bits and pieces of information about you and me are present, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly and possibly unwillingly.
Should you care?
How does this affect our real life and can it be managed?
Our goal is to start discussion, illustrate perspectives and raise awareness

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