11 mei


Agile Risk Management at ING

donderdag 11 mei 2017
17:30 tot 20:00

ING Acanthus, Bijlmerdreef 24, 1102CT Amsterdam
Bijlmerdreef 24, 1102 CT Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Nederland

This is an event for Young Professionals, people who are at the end of their studies or just started in the field of information security.

Kanban, Scrum, Devops, Squads, Tribes, Zero Touch Delivery are some of the buzzwords that fall under the agile umbrella. ING has been one of the front runners in adopting a companywide agile transformation on a scale that has never been seen[1].

At the same time Banks see increasing regulatory pressure, and ever increasing external threats. This session will provide insight into how agile is being applied at ING; what are the main risk management challenges, and what are some of the solutions that ING is implementing.

[1] http://www.mckinsey.com/industries/financial-services/our-insights/ings-agile-transformation








Introduction in Agile @ ING by Jeroen de Lange


Impact of Agile on Risk Management by Dirk Jan van der Poel


Automating controls via Continuous Delivery Pipelines by Henk Kolk


Dirk Jan van der Poel is Corporate Head of Information Risk Manager at ING. Functionally responsible for all IRM (2nd Line) activities globally. He will talk about the impact of agile on risk management.

Second speaker is Henk Kolk, chief engineering inside ING. Responsible for designing, creating ING’s engineering platform. He will talk about how an organization can increase its speed, autonomy, security and availability via continuous delivery pipelines.

Lastly, Jeroen de Lange. He is a committee member of the Young professionals at PVIB and works at ING as an Information Risk Manager. He will facilitate the evening and briefly introduce agile way of working at ING.

Special Note:

  • Registration will end 3 day prior to the event
  • Identification (passport, drivers licence) is mandatory when entering the building
  • Dinner will be included
  • Maximum 40 people
  • 2 PE points
  • Language will be English

Locatie op kaart

ING Acanthus, Bijlmerdreef 24, 1102CT Amsterdam
Bijlmerdreef 24, 1102 CT Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Nederland


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